Empty-the-fridge Fried Rice

Fried rice is a hit here at home, with all ages. The kids love the colours and everything being cut up in small pieces, and for the adults the flavour isn’t half bad either. 

I also find that fried rice is a great way to use any vegetable leftovers in the fridge, I really hate throwing out food, so that’s a great plus for me.

Fried rice is not a typical Danish dish, and I actually don’t think I had ever eaten it before going to China for the first time. Once there, it was a lifesaver though. I’m a picky eater, and this was something that was “safe” to eat – rice, egg, veggies and perhaps a bit of meat = not much that can go wrong.

Maybe that’s why the kids like it as well, although the ingredients are all mixed, it is clear to see what is actually in there, and to pick out things they don’t like.

Yummy yummy 🙂

I would say you can put most vegetables in fried rice, but we do though have a few favourites. Carrot and peas are almost always a part of our fry, as well as of course rice and egg. For meat we also use leftovers, in the recipe below we used a small leftover piece of chorizo. Some leftover chicken, a pork chop or roast beef would also do great.

The most important thing to make a successful fried rice is – if you ask me – dry rice. If the rice is too wet it sticks together in lumps and the fillings are not equally distributed. I find that parboiled rice don’t tend to stick to each other, and I always make sure to boil my rice a day or two beforehand, this way I also save time preparing the fried rice.

The recipe is just like the recipes my mother-in-law sometimes gives me, quite unspecific 🙂 But basically you can scale up and down as you wish, and any leftovers are always good for lunch the following day.

Let me know if you’ve tried the recipe, and what your favourite ingredients in fried rice are.

Empty-the-fridge Fried Rice

Recipe by RyeCourse: MainCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time




  • Rice (cooked a day or two earlier and stored in the fridge)

  • Vegetables eg. peas, carrots, beans, kale, bell pepper, you name it

  • Eggs, 1 per person

  • Meat eg. leftover chicken, pork chops, sausage. 25-50g per person

  • Soya sauce to taste

  • Oil for frying


  • Chop all your vegetables and meat to small pieces
  • Beat the eggs and fry them in a bit of oil, remove
  • Add a bit of oil and all the vegetables to a wok and stir-fry for a few minutes
  • Add rice and soy sauce and fry a few minutes more
  • Dinner is served!